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2023 December 1-3, 다양한 몸, 살아가는 몸 Living the Bodies

사람들의 몸은 무수히 다양하다. ‘건강하고 정상적인’ 인간의 신체는 흔히 표준적이거나 이상적으로 도달해야 할 것으로 여겨지지만, 실제로 ‘살아가는 몸들’은 완전히 건강하거나 결점 없이 건강하지도 않다. 크기가 다른 몸, 다른 성별의 몸, 장애를 가진 몸, 질병을 가진 몸, 퀴어의 몸 등 물리적으로 서로 다른 몸들은 함께 살아가지만 제각각의 경험을 하며 각기 다른 방식으로 세상을 감각하고 있다. 전시기획의도 by 김민아

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2022 January – Current, Permanent exhibition

Location : Seoul, South Korea

Coporate Iamhere Brand exhibits Lilla Elefant furniture in their showroom at one of the hot places in Seoul, South Korea. Available to visit untill further notice. More info

2022 June-July H22 City Expo, Home4Life – interactive showroom with smart home technologies

  • Participants: Lilla Elefant X Ikea X Tunstall X Pingday X Helsingborg Municipality
  • Location : Helsingborg, Sweden

Experience adapted innovations and clever solutions that are built and designed to face the challenges of tomorrow. You enter the door as one of our fictional personas in order to get the same perspective as one of the tenants. What will home for all aspects of life look like? Read more

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2021 September- 2022 February. Universal Design exhibition in Seoul, South Korea

  • Participants: Lilla Elefant X Samsung Fashion X Seoul Design Foundation
  • Location: Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, South Korea

2021 May. Southern Sweden Design Days 2021

  • Title: Beyond Freedom. Design meets Disability.
  • Lilla Elefant’s the first collection exhibition
  • Location: Mitt möllan in Malmö, Sweden

Designer’s Talk

about the theme of exhibition